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Millerton, NY Counselor

I am pleased to have you view my information and I would be happy to do my best to be helpful to you.

I provide help for a variety of problems that trouble people, such as anxiety, depression and other mood disorders, relationship difficulties, and developmental transitions.  I also have two areas of special interest.

My first main area of special interest is in helping people face infertility/fertility challenges, from diagnosis through resolution, either through fertility treatments, third party reproduction, adoption or child free living. When family building is delayed or blocked this presents a major life crisis that easily turns into trauma. Counseling can turn despair into repair by increasing and strenthening coping skills, and developing and building resilience. 

A second area of special interest is in helping people eating disorders, compulsions, and addictions (substance abuse, gambling, sexual, pornography, and shopping, etc.).  I believe that addiction problems are the central issue of our time, as many people deal with the challenges of feeling out of control and overwhelmed with disturbing feelings by turning to a substance to cope.

My professional mission is to support and strengthen family building and all kinds of families and to encourage and promote all healthy relationships.

My treatment orientation is pragmatic and practical.  I emphasize the importance of relationships, and of helping people improve the quality of their significant relationships that may be negatively affected by, or contributing to the person’s emotional difficulties.

You may contact me either by email or by telephone. I look forward to talking to you.


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