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Services Provided

New York, NY Psychologist

Anne Malavé, Ph.D.


  • General:
    • Psychotherapy and Psychoanalysis: short-term, long-term
    • Pragmatic and collaborative problem-solving
    • Individual (adult and adolescent), couples, small groups
    • Anxiety, Depression, Mood Disorders, Relationship difficulties, Life Transition and Adjustment issues
    • Eating Disorders and Addictions

New York City (main) office:                                                                                                                                              Millerton office:

Psychologist Office New York, NYPsychologist Office New York, NY

  • Fertility Counseling:
    • Infertility:
      • Coping with loss of control
      • “Life on hold” issues
      • Depression and anxiety
      • Couples issues and communication
      • Dealing with friends, family, coworkers
    • Fertility:
      • Choosing treatment
      • Coping during treatment
      • Fertility preservation: social and medical
      • Pregnancy Loss and Multiple Miscarriages
      • Grief work
      • Working with your medical team
      • Ending treatment (“when is enough enough”)
      • “Double” diagnosis: Cancer and Chronic Illness
      • Genetic decision-making
    • Third Party Reproduction:
      • Single parents by choice
      • LGBTQ parents
      • Family-building through donor eggs
      • Family-building through with donor sperm
      • Family-building through with donor embryos
      • Family-building via gestational carrier/surrogate
    • Parenting:
      • After infertility
      • Postpartum Depression
      • Third party parenting:
        • donor egg
        • embryo
        • sperm
        • gestational surrogate
        • Singles, hetero and LGBTQ parents
  • Fertility Consultations and Evaluations:
    • Recipients (of donor egg, sperm, embryo)
    • Intended Parents (gestational carrier/surrogate)
    • Evaluations with psychological testing of Donors (egg, sperm, embryo, known and unknown, gestational carrier/surrogate)
  • Adoption Counseling:
    • Family building decision making and adoption exploration
    • Pre-adoption counseling
    • Post-adoption counseling
    • PostAdopt Depression
    • Psychoeducation and Skills Training for talking to children (and others) about adoption
    • Resilience building
  • Adoption Evaluations:
    • For inter-country adoptions, including psychological testing


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